This Agent Tripled His Commissions Just With Social Media


How To Become A Social Media Superstar


Author: Sam Rico, CEO

We were driving in his car when he told me that he has to tell my mom that we have to sell the house.

I told him, “there’s no way that we’re even considering that as an option”.

At that point, my dad had been a real estate agent for over 14 years.

Every year, he did better or at least the same than the last.

Except in 2015, that’s when it started going downhill.

That year his commissions dropped by 50%!

Imagine that, having your commissions drop by half. 

Why did this happen?

My dad refused to get online.

Almost all his business was from referrals, past clients and print marketing.

The key difference between 2015 and all the other years was that social media was reaching the point where it was becoming more important than print media.

I told my dad, there had to be a way to get his commissions back on track and that way was through social media.

He didn’t want to believe me. At the time, I was just a university student… 

He thought “what can Sam know about business?”

Truthfully, I actually didn’t know anything except one thing, that social media was an opportunity.

So, I told him that instead of me taking a full-time corporate job after I graduate, that I would instead become his marketing guy. 

He accepted and he didn’t have to tell my mom that we were going to sell the house, instead he told her that him and his son were going to start working together.

My sister took the photo below on the first day we started working together.   


Top 20 Denton Real Estate Agents On Social Media


Now, this isn’t turning out to be your typical entrepreneurship story, where I found the magic key or the secret formula, implemented it and we made a million dollars.

It’s not that at all…

In fact, the first few months were grueling and without reward.

I literally worked out of my parent’s basement. 

I edited videos, made graphics, posted them on social media and well…

I didn’t get the immediate million dollars I had expected…

But something did happen that took me a while to appreciate.

Some of his friends and family on social media started liking his posts.

At first, I thought it didn’t matter, I thought “we need new leads.”

But after a few months of doing this, we started to see the enormous impact of these posts.

I’ll never forget, my dad telling me at the dinner table “someone from my highschool, that I haven’t talked to in 30 years, just messaged me on Facebook saying that they didn’t know I was a real estate agent.”

That was the message, “hey Phil, it’s been a while! I didn’t know you were a real estate agent! How’s everything?”

After months of nothing, that was the glimmering light and it was all the light we needed.

From that point, people that my dad hadn’t talked to for years or maybe only met once, started messaging him on social media.

Some messaged him about his properties but the important thing is that most people messaged him about the random daily content I posted for him, whether it was about cooking, the holidays or an article on how to have an awesome garden. 

I didn’t make some crazy expensive advertising and digital marketing strategy. 

I didn’t sign him up for thousand dollar per month coaching sessions.

All I did was start posting consistently to his social media and because of that, his network, over time, started to reach out to him when they wanted to buy or sell a house. It was that simple.

But the key was to be consistent, to post something consistently, at  least once a week if not every day.

His business literally went from $100k, which was the worst year since his first year in business, to over $300K.

He went from a drop in commissions of 50% to tripling his business and winning the RE/MAX Platinum Award – as seen below.

Top 20 Denton Real Estate Agents On Social Media

But here’s the thing, there’s no way my dad would have done all of this on his own.

To create videos, make graphics, write post text, find templates and then post to every social media site every day or even once a week… is incredibly time consuming and very frustrating for someone who’s not a technology expert or enthusiast.

The reality is that most real estate agents are like my dad, they are not technology experts or enthusiasts. They just want to buy and sell homes.

But the other side of the coin is that to win in today’s world, you need to be on social media consistently.

So what do you do?

You need to find help and you need to find it at a reasonable price.

There are tons of social media agencies and marketing companies that will charge you an arm and a leg for all the content you need.

But you don’t want that.

There is a better and less expensive way!

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