Top 15 Lincoln Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Official Rank of Lincoln’s Top Agents on Social Media

PropertySpark does not accept payments or incentives for being on our top lists

Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration multiple variables as seen below:

Instagram Followers

Instagram Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Likes/Friends

Facebook Average Likes Per Post

Quality Of Posts

and Other Social Channels


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With that said, we present to you the Top 15 Lincoln Real Estate Agents On Social Media !


#15: Zach Brandl

Woods Bros Realty

On the hunt for a house to call home? Let Zach show you what Lincoln has to offer. We commend him on his great presence on Facebook & Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights



#14: Kim Zwiener

Empire Realty

Find your Lincoln dream home with Kim. Check out her Instagram – it’s awesome!  

Instagram Highlights



#13: Kristen Reimers


Dedication and boundless enthusiasm are just some of the qualities that make Kristen great on social media! What’s next for you in real estate? Find out by following Kristen!  

Instagram Highlights



#12: Kimberly Rempel

Home Real Estate

She has unique insight into how the Lincoln market works and she is ready to share it with you! When it comes to Instagram she has not missed a single beat, follow her account today!  

Facebook Highlights

1,046 Friends


#11: Whitney Korger


Looking to make the most important purchase of your life? Get in touch with Whitney. Become part of her fan base on Facebook and Instagram and see Whitney in action!   

Instagram Highlights



#10: Reina Day


She is recognized in Lincoln as a top agent when it comes to social media. Reina’s posts will make you want to live the good life, Lincoln style!  

Instagram Highlights



#9: Megan Winans

LH Real Estate

There’s nothing better than finding your dream property. Megan will do just that! Get into all her awesome content on Facebook and Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

20 Average Likes Per Post


#8: Shawndel Polivka

HOME Real Estate

With her knowledge and expertise she will continue to dominate the Lincoln real estate market on social media for years to come. Take a look at all the amazing content on Shawndel’s social media accounts!  

Facebook Highlights



#7: Sandi Osterman

Nebraska Realty

She will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for her clients in Lincoln. Follow Sandi on social media for more Lincoln real estate!   

Instagram Highlights

43 Average Likes Per Post


#6: April Bohling

Capital City Realty

For April clients are like family! Look out for April’s posts on social media for the latest in Lincoln real estate!  

Instagram Highlights

42 Average Likes Per Post


#5: Kasandra Myers

Nebraska Realty

Kasandra will translate her success on social media into your success in real estate! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook!  

Facebook Highlights

33 Average Likes Per Post


#4: Marjorie Olivo

Nebraska Realty

Conquering the Lincoln real estate market is only one click away with Marjorie. Marjorie’s social media will make you want to live the Lincoln life!  

Instagram Highlights



#3: Jeni Meyer

Lincoln Select Real Estate Group

Tired of searching for your dream home? Want to just find it? Get in touch with Jeni and you’ll never have to search again because she will have already found it for you! Check out her epic content across Facebook and Instagram.  

Facebook Highlights

53 Average Likes Per Post


#2: Jill Swim


When you hire an agent, you expect the best service, Jill will go above and beyond that expectation every time! Follow the impressive story of Jill on social media!  

Instagram Highlights

98 Average Likes Per Post


#1: Kira Mayer

HOME Real Estate

First home, second or maybe an investment property – call Kira of Lincoln! You deserve the best and Kira’s Facebook and Instagram have been designed to deliver that to you!  

Instagram Highlights

62 Average Likes Per Post


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Lincoln Real Estate Agents On Social Media !

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

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