How Realtors Can Collaborate with Landscapers for Faster, Bigger House Sales

If you’re a realtor looking to boost sales, you might want to level up your property presentations with a little outdoor oasis magic.

Selling homes can be a challenge, even in a seller’s market. Partnering with a pro landscaping crew can make all the difference. A landscaper will have your place looking so picturesque that buyers will want to take a peek.

With lush landscaping popping off the curb, eyes will be glued to your glorious listings from the street. More curb appeal means more offers.

But why should you collaborate with a landscaper? More importantly, how do you choose the perfect landscaper for the job? Keep reading to find out!

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Why Collaborate with a Landscaping Company?

Curb appeal is king when it comes to real estate, and who better to help you give your listings that “wow” factor than an expert landscaper? Partnering with a professional landscaping service allows your listings to pop in three magnificent ways:

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

A landscaping pro can craft lush plantings, tidy walkways, and other outside improvements to create a jaw-dropping “wow factor” for prospective homebuyers.

Their creative vision knows just how to utilize every inch of outdoor space to highlight all your home has to offer. Your home will have breathtaking curb appeal that grabs attention from the street and gets buyers excited to see more!

  1. Increased Property Value

Studies show homes with beautiful yards sell fast and for more cash. A pro landscaper will work their magic outside, and you’ll see green all the way to the bank at closing time. Your investment in top-notch turf and trees will pay off when it’s time to move up and move on.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about reducing their environmental impact. Anything you can do to help buyers save money by decreasing energy usage will certainly attract them.

Landscapers can design the yard to provide shade around the house by thoughtfully placing trees and arranging shrubs in a manner that minimizes wind. Buyers will depend less on heating and cooling systems when the home is protected in this fashion, lowering energy usage and the associated expenses as a result.

How to Find the Best Landscaper for the Job

The best landscaper is not always the one near you. That said, here are the key factors to consider when vetting a landscaping company.

  1. Services Offered

Finding the perfect landscape partner for your business is easy when you know what to look for. Start by talking with potential companies about their menu of services – some only offer select options, while others have full-service plans to suit any commercial property.

More importantly, choose a company that offers professional estimates. Savvy companies use estimating software for landscapers to manage each stage of the sales cycle, make realistic sales projections, and minimize landscaping bottlenecks.

Look for a team that understands your company’s vision and can custom-craft a solution to keep your outdoor space always looking its best! A year-round landscape partner will ensure your curb appeal and green spaces shine all season long.

  1. Experience in the Field

When picking a landscaper, pay more attention to their field experience! You want someone ready to roll with changes and stay ahead of trends.

Do your homework on their skills, credentials, and background. Find out about awards, specialties, and how long they’ve been wowing clients. Sure, a newcomer may offer a lower price. But experience guarantees results!

  1. Equipment

Lawn care is all about the right tools for the job! To keep your yard looking its best, the professionals you hire need to have all the equipment needed to tackle any task. They’ve got to have machines that are in top shape and ready to go when and where the work demands.

Wrapping Up

Partnering with a landscaper is a surefire way for real estate agents to boost their bottom line. When you spruce up a property with lush landscaping, it instantly makes a place more inviting and increases its perceived value.

So don’t delay – reach out to a landscaper today to take your listings to the next level and watch more offers roll in!

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